Member stories

Since she became a member and volunteer at the Community Laundry Co-op in 2007, Jinyu has improved her English, made numerous friends, and received the support and encouragement she needed to upgrade her skills and pursue her goals.

A qualified nurse in China, Jinyu immigrated to Canada in 1999 with her husband, knowing very little English. When she learned about the Co-op, she was initially intrigued by the idea of saving money on laundry, which can be very expensive, particularly for families with young children.

She became a member and eventually a volunteer and Community Economic Development (CED) Program trainee. CED trainees are paid for their work on the Co-op’s various commercial contracts. At first she was hesitant, until she learned the Co-op offered childcare to participants of the program while they worked.

Jinyu enjoys the close-knit community atmosphere of the Co-op. “I’m a stay-at-home mom, so (coming to the Co-op) gives me a chance to get out and socialize.”